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The Stalk Of Life

What is SOL?

In 1970, the United States classified hemp a schedule I drug, killing it. Now, hemp will be reborn. As the bird became the Phoenix, we are focused on re-branding Hemp to SOL, the Stalk of Life. The single greatest healing plant in the history of the planet.

SOL can be processed into CBD oil which has many different uses. It can effectively relieve pain without leading to addiction, improve heart health, reduce seizures, help prevent diabetes and in some cases has even reduced levels of cancerous cells in patients. CBD oil can also treat arthritis, even in pets!

CBD oil is one of the most powerful things we extract from SOL. From the stalks of SOL, we yield high-quality fiber. SOL fiber is capable of slowing deforestation by producing 4x the amount of paper as trees – paper which is also more than twice as recyclable, and will preserve 5x as long! Most importantly, SOL paper can be dyed with hydrogen peroxide, instead of the chlorine needed by tree paper. From the same fiber we can produce clothes and even construction materials.

SOL seed is another result of the SOL crop. SOL seed can yield a variety of incredible products, including vegan protein powder, dairy products such as milk, and skin-strengthening cosmetic therapies.

If you believe in the impact SOL can have on our world, now is the time to grow and we want to help you get started. SOL Farms will provide you with SOL seed and the knowledge necessary for a healthy harvest, while ensuring profitable return on your grow. Join the team of dedicated SOL Farmers here.