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Josh Hardin

Organic Generational Farming comes to the world of Hemp!
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I love tackling new hemp challenges and look forward to speaking with you about your next project.



Josh Hardin is the Vice President of Cultivation at SOL Farms and a fifth-generation farmer from the rich delta soil of Southeastern Arkansas. He obtained his B.A. in Agricultural Education from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff in 2012. He also completed the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture at the
University of California at Santa Cruz in 2007.

Josh has spent his career and much of his adult life growing crops ranging from small-scale organic Ginger & Tumeric in high tunnels to large scale fruits, vegetables, and nuts on his family’s 1200 acres of cropland and 1800 acres of pecan orchards spread across the South.

He has been cultivating hemp for the last 3 years in the United States in various Pilot Hemp Programs, as well as in Popayan, Colombia in 2018 for a private company creating an export business for CBD and THC Extracts. Josh has an unmistakable passion for growing and sharing his knowledge of sustainable hemp production. As this industry grows and becomes mature, Josh is working hard to keep farmers competitive through SOL Farms, while creating a better quality of life for hemp farmers everywhere.

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“Josh’s background in organic row crop farming, coupled with his cultivation expertise in the cannabis and hemp arenas, is a perfect blend for farmers and business partners alike.  When you layer in Josh’s engaging and uniquely insightful approach to educating hemp stakeholders, we feel honored and blessed to have him on our team.”

– Richard Lamb, Chairman SFA

“The footsteps of the farmer
are his best fertilizer”
Japanese Proverb