Uses for Hemp / SOL



As of today, there are over 14,000 known uses for Hemp / SOL

SOL can be in almost every product you use in your home.  Things you never knew could be made from a plant already are.  In almost every case, these products are more durable, better for the environment to produce, and often increase your wellness.  Below are products that are already in homes all over the world.  These items are used in everyday routines.  SOL in what you use in the shower, what you dry off with, what you sit on, what you go to sleep on.  It is everywhere already and its just beginning.

One of the oldest and most sustainable building materials of all time is staging a comeback: hemp. Now that several states have legalized the use of marijuana for some recreational and medicinal purposes, a big untapped market is emerging for cannabis to be used as a building tool.

Across America a grassroots effort is underway among builders, architects, material suppliers and farmers to renew this fledgling market. Mixing hemp’s woody core with lime and water produces a natural, light concrete that retains thermal mass and is highly insulating. No pests, no mold, good acoustics, low humidity, no pesticide.It grows from seed to harvest in about four months.


Around the House Hemp / SOL