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Always begin with a white board assessment

Every farm, or farming opportunity and the resources attached to that project, are different.  You can not take a shotgun approach in this market.  For instance, growing in dry, low humidity, low rainfall environments, are nothing like growing in the southeast.  The optimal environment needs to be leveraged, or created, for each farm.

We like to sit down, or jump on a call and explore your mindset.   What are you trying to achieve?  What are your resources to achieve that desired goal?  What level of experience do you have with hemp?  Then, we answer all of your questions and go back and formulate a proposed plan of attack…..All for FREE!

You need the right plan, to expect the right return

Once we have covered our whiteboard meeting with you and your team, we will shift focus to identifying the most pragmatic path to success for your individual needs.  Many times that includes leveraging a local Co-Op, in order to layer-in levels of protection for you overarching strategy.

The plan will address each need and each resource on the table.   We work leveraging a highly collaborative “round table” approach, as we find that this serves both sides  interests.  Your voice, as a farmer, or entrepreneur, should always be present in this journey, as it is, and always will be, “your story”.

Everything you need to cover planting & harvesting

We define our crops by two tiers.   Tier 1 is a Pharmaceutical grade hemp and Tier 2 is an Industrial hemp grade.   Obviously, a Tier 1 crop can go back down to cover Tier 2 deliverables, but the reverse is not true.  Therefore, we have very different approaches for both tiers, in multiple climates, with a myriad of local considerations wrapped into the success formulas.  Ideally, we would like everyone to use the “MyGen” (the genetic mapped to your personal farm) in the form of clones, for a number of reasons.  That being said, the average top-end clone (for 40 acres plus) is $4.00 per clone and costs about 5k plus, per acre.   This is an exorbitant expense for most small farms.

Luckily, SOL farms has a solution, with our unique model that lets you pay for your clones on the back-end.   Call for more on harvesting.

Processing defines what and how much you can make

A new hemp farmer, is going to have a tough time finding the right marketplace.  In order to secure contracts for grains, oils, or raw fiber, you’re going to have to achieve an economy of scale that can compete with existing production models.  You also must have access to value-added processing facilities. Many farmers will have to make the decision to make their own boutique goods, or succumb to the market price demanded by hemp brokers, that will be coming soon.
The SOL Farms Alliance ensures all hemp produce has a destination.  You can’t simply harvest your crop and start looking for a place to Shop it.   Even if you have a place today, the chances of you keeping that pipeline long-term is tied to the weight of your offering.  Do you have enough leverage to secure 10 year commitments?

Never ending fight against the whole marketplace

One Stop Shop – we can take your biomass (following our standards) and pay you a predefined price per pound. We processes and distribute and you just do what you do….farm!

Custom Private Labeling – If you want to offer your own brand of products, creating your own line has been made easy with our private labeling service. We will take care of the manufacturing of the products and then we’ll add your branding to it, making it all your own.

Distribution of Your Products – We can place your products in brick and mortar retail shops, as well as create a robust online e-commerce platform, for you to sell your own products.

The worst case, is a nice place, to be

Even the more robust, much easier to manage and harvest, Tier 2 crops of hemp, offer better ROI than 90% of all other agricultural crops.   The key is in having a protected fulfillment pipeline.  With the right genetics, SOP’s, security, transportation, processing, distribution, local partners, supply chain partners and intellectual capital, farmers can make significant money in this industry.   Not just enough to live paycheck to paycheck, but to expand your business, or take vacations with your loved one’s, or send your children to the best schools, or retire early.   The right local co-op, coupled with the power of a national Alliance, as powerful as SOL farms, will not only change your lives in one year, but you can preserve that dream for years to come.

The Team of SOL Farms

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